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    The following is a description of services that will be provided to you as part of your participation in the Primary Care One Program:

    • Primary care medical services such as treatment for minor illness, cold or flu;
    • Medical services for the treatment of illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular ailments that do not require the follow-up of a specialist;
    • Post-surgery, follow-up care as is medically appropriate;
    • Preventive services such as an annual physical, and routine blood and lab tests;
    • Lab services and X-rays provided on location at Doctors Urgent Care, including: chest X-rays, strep test, EKG, cholesterol test, blood sugar, pregnancy test, PSA and more;
    • Minor urgent care treatment for: sprains, minor lacerations, first and second degree burns;
    • Office procedures such as: I&D abscess and cyst, hemorrhoid treatment, nail removal, cryotherapy, pap smear tests, digital rectal examinations;
    • Injectables including: B-12, Benadryl, Claforan, Dexamethasone, Lincocin, Nubain, Phenergan, Rocephin, Tetanus, Toradol, Valium and adult flu and pneumonia vaccinations;
    • Gynecological care that does not require the follow-up of a specialist;
    • Mental health treatment for minor depression;
    • Health and disease counseling to help improve your health status and better manage your health;
    • 24-hour, call-in number for your use if a medical condition presents itself after hours;
    • Limited generic drugs:* Acute drugs have zero copayment. Chronic/maintenance medications have a copayment.

    Wheeling, WV 26003 - 304-232-0701
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    Disclaimer: This program is not insurance and does not pay for health care services such as hospitals,
    specialist offices, diagnostic tests or ambulance provided at locations other than Doctors Urgent Care
    in Wheeling, WV, Benwood, WV & St. Clairsville, OH .